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Thursday 14 March 2013

A solemn night and the lonely girl.

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Ridden with guilt she was unable to sleep. All night she had been wondering why he would not forgive her. As beads of tears rolled down her cheeks, she could only watch as he continued to slave away on his computer. With every click she hears her heart grows heavy. The cold night was taking more and more of her love for him away. For the life of her she would not understand why he would be such a cold hearted monster. As the seconds pass she could only wish that he would come up, embrace her and tell her everything would be alright.

Time passes, and then it goes by, her eyes get heavy and her heart got heavier. She closed her eyes and wished that she could vanish from this world. She hoped she had the will to speak to him, but she was afraid, afraid to be more of a burden to him.  She could not bear having to lose him.

After what had seemed to be an eternity of a waiting game, she finally got up. Without a word, she went and sat beside him. She just wanted to be by his side, even if it killed her. It didn't take long before she would have her heart sink to the bottom of the ocean again. Within minutes he stood up, not saying a word. He turned and went off to the bed.

She was devastated. He didn’t even take a look at her before he left her there. Sitting curled up in her chair, she sobbed softly. She spent the remaining hours of the night wondering if it was much better if she had just agreed that Twilight was an awful movie. 

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