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Monday 16 July 2012

The Launch of Honda Civic

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Honda Civic 2012 just launched in Malaysia the 12th July.

Not sure if it lives up to it's name as Honda's line of road-affordable powerhouse cars.
Here's the commercial that Honda cranked out.

More after the jump

You see, the previous lineups of the Civic 2.0 flavour was always in favor of the DOHC(Double Over Head Camshaft) system, you know, where 2 camshafts operate the intake and exhaust of the 2 main chemicals needed for combustion in an engine, the air and the fuel? This time Honda has done a complete turn with their 2.0 for the 2012 edition, and that they were totally drunk drinking coffee and questioned if it was a good idea to tie a rocket to a pigeon to see at what speeds does it unload it's turdbomb before it explodes headfirst into a wall, and then it sparked the notion that SOHC was perfect for the Civic 9th generation 2.0

All that aside, I get that Honda wants to get into the "SOHC works better with VTEC" but all in all, a DOHC would simply trash a SOHC engine any day, any time while making him his bitch.

They're calling this generation an FMC, a full model change for the Civic. I'll probably follow up with more in-depth pictures of the interiors one of these days.

And Imavest(FB Group / FB Page) jumped in the fray with an all-out buffet with a clown. Just so you can punch the clown if you can't afford a Civic gen-9.

A plethora of food for everyone to enjoy
Didn't get to taste the food because I was rushing home to prepare food for Bon Odori. More on that next time.

Imavest and the brigade of cars (from left : Freed, CR-V, Insight, Civic 2.0(new), Jazz Hybrid, 
City (new)

New and old Civic is in the showroom as well, for comparison purposes, I guess.

That's about what I have regarding the launch of the Civic 2012 9th gen.

I'd try go in-depth when I get the time.

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