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Monday 14 October 2013

I never thought I'd be doing the same damage I sought to avoid doing to you.
Miraculously, subconsciously I did it.
Where one would not think it was morally a wrong thing to have done, 
it was still insensitive of me.

How could I have let myself astray from what is in front of me?
The moment I look away is the moment I lose track of you,
I have to regain what I have lost, I will come back to you.

And for myself, I need to stop being such a clumsy dope and think before I leap.
It's a long way down and you don't want to hurt anyone you love while you fall.

I don't want to leave any more scars on you any more than I want to be hurt as well,
no matter who is at fault.

I look at the mirror sometimes and wonder how could I have made it so far.
I'm glad you're always there to pull me back up, 
bearing all the hurt that I've brought to you.

Damage done unto others can never be healed by simple roses and words.

I will improve, no matter how slow I am.
Stay. I'll prove my worth this time.

Sunday 30 June 2013

As a recluse I always almost never go out shopping, only emerging when I need to fill my gullet or when my undies start to smell like rotting flesh. The latter isn't true, of course. And since I seldom go out, I hadn't got wind of any sale spree from any retailers. Maybe it's because I'm hiding under the blanket every time the mailman

To be fair, I do all my shopping online, and whatever I can't find online I will unwillingly drag my butt to the shopping complexes and supermarkets, because, you can't really pick fresh fruits from an online store, and I get to judge fruits based on how much they've been molested over the course of a day.

In comes Save22, a website that offers an option for you to check out latest offers, promotions and discounts that are offered by retailers in areas near you, or wherever you want.

Originating from Singapore, previously known as the "Lobang Club" in 2010, it's had great success in Singapore and has now spread to Philippines and now Malaysia.

There is also an app on IOS and Android that currently only works in Singapore, as they only read out in Singapore dollars, but I do hope the app actually transitions into Malaysia soon.

While I really like the app, apparently retailers don't really like the ideas of users running around the store scanning bar codes and broadcasting prices of their shop items online. One CEO in particular stated that he believed that a shopper's retail experience is not about the lowest price alone.

So what was offered instead was a digitized promotions and catalogs that are normally found in-store, and make them searchable and location-aware online.

Whilst there are price comparison sites out there, I have yet seen one that collaborates with retailers to bring you their promotion catalogs online.

Even as of this writing I can see that there is a Warehouse End Season sale going on at Sunway Pyramid now. 

So go ahead and plan your shopping spree today with Save22!

Monday 3 June 2013


今私は毎週二回~三回運動しています。ビビに愛させてように運動しています。今月ビビのお誕生日のプレセントも90%買いました。時々プレセント高いですが、かいます。ビビは「あなたに愛しているので, いくらたかいでもビビにあげます」と言いましたね。私もそう思います。



ビビの写真がほしいので、もしよかったら。。メールしていただけないでしょうか。 ;-(




Monday 22 April 2013

I had the liberty to be invited to WeChat's exclusive party 2013 at Neverland, right behind the Butter Factory at Jalan Kia Peng.

Upon entering, I had the opportunity to have a glass of water drop 3 feet from my feet. I guess that was punishment for wearing flip flops to a club. I actually thought it was a showcase thing.

Huge signs reminding you who paid for the party.

There's a giant camera app that prints polaroid-sized images for free at the cost having your mugshot taken and posted on their Facebook Page.

There was a small line forming behind me but that was because they thought I was lining up to have a picture taken. 

Center stage and walkway.

Dj Booth area. Is that a Mac?

I didn't remember seeing anyone using the pool table till later. I'll explain more later.

Shameless camwhoring in the club.

Tote bags. Almost every time we get these it's just filed with pamphlets and vouchers.
At least we got a pen and a lanyard.

Everyone just chillin' to the music while we waited for food to be served.

The animation for the background was funny. The silhouettes were already cheering and moving, but it looked like someone was rocking the silhouettes around just to make more movements.

Trying to join the group chat via QR. 
Earlier they said they'd randomly choose a winner from whoever joined the group chat. Later this was changed to another convention.

Cupcakes with the WeChat icon, non edible. We learnt this the hard way.

First time I ever had buffet in a club. Awesome.

The queue was long.

VP of Tencent, Poshu Yeung came on stage for a bit to rant about how we surprised him because we're not dancing around. I wasn't told it was a dance, I thought it was a socializing thing.



Kinda ran out of things to say at this point. Thanks for the party, I guess.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Ridden with guilt she was unable to sleep. All night she had been wondering why he would not forgive her. As beads of tears rolled down her cheeks, she could only watch as he continued to slave away on his computer. With every click she hears her heart grows heavy. The cold night was taking more and more of her love for him away. For the life of her she would not understand why he would be such a cold hearted monster. As the seconds pass she could only wish that he would come up, embrace her and tell her everything would be alright.

Time passes, and then it goes by, her eyes get heavy and her heart got heavier. She closed her eyes and wished that she could vanish from this world. She hoped she had the will to speak to him, but she was afraid, afraid to be more of a burden to him.  She could not bear having to lose him.

After what had seemed to be an eternity of a waiting game, she finally got up. Without a word, she went and sat beside him. She just wanted to be by his side, even if it killed her. It didn't take long before she would have her heart sink to the bottom of the ocean again. Within minutes he stood up, not saying a word. He turned and went off to the bed.

She was devastated. He didn’t even take a look at her before he left her there. Sitting curled up in her chair, she sobbed softly. She spent the remaining hours of the night wondering if it was much better if she had just agreed that Twilight was an awful movie. 
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