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Sunday 30 June 2013

As a recluse I always almost never go out shopping, only emerging when I need to fill my gullet or when my undies start to smell like rotting flesh. The latter isn't true, of course. And since I seldom go out, I hadn't got wind of any sale spree from any retailers. Maybe it's because I'm hiding under the blanket every time the mailman

To be fair, I do all my shopping online, and whatever I can't find online I will unwillingly drag my butt to the shopping complexes and supermarkets, because, you can't really pick fresh fruits from an online store, and I get to judge fruits based on how much they've been molested over the course of a day.

In comes Save22, a website that offers an option for you to check out latest offers, promotions and discounts that are offered by retailers in areas near you, or wherever you want.

Originating from Singapore, previously known as the "Lobang Club" in 2010, it's had great success in Singapore and has now spread to Philippines and now Malaysia.

There is also an app on IOS and Android that currently only works in Singapore, as they only read out in Singapore dollars, but I do hope the app actually transitions into Malaysia soon.

While I really like the app, apparently retailers don't really like the ideas of users running around the store scanning bar codes and broadcasting prices of their shop items online. One CEO in particular stated that he believed that a shopper's retail experience is not about the lowest price alone.

So what was offered instead was a digitized promotions and catalogs that are normally found in-store, and make them searchable and location-aware online.

Whilst there are price comparison sites out there, I have yet seen one that collaborates with retailers to bring you their promotion catalogs online.

Even as of this writing I can see that there is a Warehouse End Season sale going on at Sunway Pyramid now. 

So go ahead and plan your shopping spree today with Save22!

Monday 3 June 2013


今私は毎週二回~三回運動しています。ビビに愛させてように運動しています。今月ビビのお誕生日のプレセントも90%買いました。時々プレセント高いですが、かいます。ビビは「あなたに愛しているので, いくらたかいでもビビにあげます」と言いましたね。私もそう思います。



ビビの写真がほしいので、もしよかったら。。メールしていただけないでしょうか。 ;-(



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