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Saturday 21 July 2012

Laziz restaurant review

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The Laziz Restaurant, this is an arabic/middle east restaurant located at Jalan Solaris 5, shown at the map. One thing I have to talk about is the parking is quite scarce if you want to park close to the shop. The few times i've tried parking at Solaris, or Soho KL, ended up with my jamming my car into a spot which wasn't meant for a car. 

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Once I got through the obstacle course that I had parked my car between I made it to the restaurant. If anyone had googled for photos for Laziz's restaurant surroundings and layout you'd see photos of the restaurant being empty, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you'll exactly see it once you arrive. zbefore you can come and claim the voucher. I could never understand that logic because when you call them up they say they need time to prepare the food that they showed on the deal sites. And most of the time, you'd see these dishes up for order if you'd , say walk in and order them anyway. You could say i'm just nitpicky and i should just make the reservation days ahead of time, but I will not stand for this. I don't expect aka-carte food that was already available to order from the menu to be prepared 3 days ahead of time, whereas everyone else is getting fresh food on the table. And to make things worse, they had no customers to begin with.
Zombie apocalypse at the Laziz

Alright, enough ranting about the quantum mechanics of reservation systems, let's get down to the food.

First thing that came was the Iced lemon tea and the ginger ale, the iced lemon tea is priced at 10 ringgit a pop, and the ginger ale was 5 ringgit. Nothing much to say here.

Next most of the food came one after another, with the first being the mutabal, some mashed eggplant with tahina paste, whatever that is. It's served with some pita on the side, which was like eating stale cardboard chips. the olive oil in the mutabal was soury and the paste tasted like tuna in a can without the taste of fish. price of this sonovabitch was 13 ringgit off your wallet

And then the salad landed ceremoniously on the table, weighing at 11 ringgit. holy ass, this salad tastes like week-old semen, it was soury as hell. This made me think all arabic food were either too dry or too soury. My only saving grace is those dried lebanese chips they tossed in so it balances the flavour from satan's nipple to tasting like sandpaper with a little dash of lemon. 

Finally, we come to the couscous platter of chicken.I have never laughed so hard before in my life. the chicken was sprawling its legs in front of me showing me a bush of fries. the chicken came with a little mayo dip on the side. Still, the chicken tasted dry and had close to none flavour. once again, i'm not used to arabic food. Maybe they're going for a taste of the desert. and this poultry prostitute is worth 18 ringgit.

And next on the video you'll see how long it takes for me and my girl(Qian / Blog) to trying to down this meal like our lives depended on it. as you can see, we can't stop taking in water because the food was dry like the sun's testicles. 

right after i stopped the time lapse on my camera, i remembered that we had also a dessert on the meal, so we left that out. 

This, is a baklava, a sweet arabic pastry that, to me, tastes like biting down on a bouquet of flowers. that shit is fragrant as hell, it was like eating soap. Sweet too. it has nuts and syrup and honey in it. for 4 little plonks of it, 15 ringgit.

One last thing i'd like to mention is actually, the staff. I actually left my samsung's earphones on the table when i left, because i'm a tool and i always forget my shit. 

Tentacle camera spots the cable

So after 2 days of rummaging my anus and dickhole i've come to a conclusion that i might've left it there. So, while fondling my nipples i called Laziz up and asked if they have my earphones, and, turns out they do. so i drive over and pick it up. so, in conclusion, the food is dry, soury, parking's hard, environment's quiet, which is a plus, but what takes the cake is the staff is kind enough not to pocket your belongings, whether it is small or large.

This meal costs a total of 72whopping ringgit if i were to buy them at any other day via ala-carte. and since i got this from living social, it was only 39 ringgit. 

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