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Thursday 29 March 2012

Review : FaceKara Family Karaoke

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Karaoke, favorite pastime among teenagers and adults. 
An event where we scream ourselves hoarse because for 3 hours, we get to pretend we're rockstars.

Facekara is another karaoke box that opened in Viva Home's top floor.
From my experience most karaoke's in Malaysia (that I've been to) has been sub-par with limited selection of songs, horrible video quality and sometimes the lack of lyrics for specific songs.

And for facekara, there's no exception.
They've really went all the way by installing state-of-the-art touchscreen panels for their 
song selection, food selection and about every other thing they have there.

Which brings me to my next point. Software. They tried to be techy with their application, but failed because it has a steep learning curb, one that requires quite a bit of trial and error before you find out which button does what consequential action.


Ordering food isn't the easiest thing in the world though. There's a menu for ordering in "Utility > Order food" if i remember correctly, but it's not as user-friendly as I had hoped. 
Here's how it works : You flip through the menu(that damn book people still use to order food, tsk) and find the food you want. Then you access the on-screen menu for Service , press 0 and send. Then you got to wait for the waiter (get it?) to come and press his waiter code on the menu to access the ordering page, and then you watch him punch in the menu for the food, and press Confirm Order.
What boggles my mind is that why they haven't just given us the access code in the first place to order food. I mean, I get that it's to avoid accidental presses like ordering 50 plates of shark testicles, but whoever's working on the other side of the application would at least raise an eyebrow and say "Hey, this guy ordered 100 orders of rhino diarrhea sauce, should we proceed or just go to the room and smack this fella around with a tuna till he knows what he wants?"

I hope they change this soon.

All in all, I get that they're trying to one up their competitors by saying "We've got touch screen panels and food coming up the wazoo, we're better than you!" But having new technology alone isn't good enough if what you're using is just obsolete crap. Song selection is crappy, you don't get a virtual keyboard to search, and the menu system is cumbersome.

On the greener side note, they do have pretty attractive promotions though.
About RM 15-ish for their lunch or dinner timeslots you get food,drinks and you get to occupy a room for up to 3 hours. Pretty alright if you could handle the menu(which you'd get used to after a while)

Decorated by NyanCat

The VIP room, spacious.

And i DO mean spacious.

Food : Alright

These cost from 7-9 MYR and the assorted snack plate about MYR 18

Still wondering how the food ordering works.

And what's better than a Karaoke, it's when you're with your loved ones as well


Here's my rating for FaceKara
(out of 5 √'s)

Comfort √√√√
Service √√√
Price √√√
Ease-of-use √

Averaging a 2.5 score out of 5. 

On a added bonus, MyCoupon is having a promo blast for FaceKara

[80% OFF] RM33 for 4 hours of Sing K + 4 drinks up to 4 pax instead of RM160.90

Lot 3-16,3-17 & 3-18, 3rd Floor, 
Viva Home, 85, Jalan Lok Yew, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55200

Operating hours: Mon - Sun : 11am - 2am
Phone: 03-92821900

1 comment:

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