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Friday 19 October 2012

Fipper slippers!

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I have been searching for the perfect pair of slippers for quite some time now. There has yet a pair that was able to make the hair on my arse stand on edge if I should put it on.

Until now.

Fuck yeah picture montage!

Fipper Holding Sdn. Bhd, a Malaysian-based establishment, made it's first debut at 2008 with it's array of flip-flops. Probably named after their company president, Mr Flipper McSandalson, or something like that.
Their motto is to 'Feel the Rubber', suggesting that it would fit better on the cover of a box of condoms rather than a pair of slippers.

'No sir, the elephant doesn't symbolize a penis at all' - Disgruntled minion at Fipper headquarters

It cost about MYR 15+/- for a pair of classic Fippers.
They have others, such as Slim, Slick, Junior and Comfort, adding more to their repertoire of condom-based names. Would make for very entertaining conversations at the dinner table.

The comfort level and grip this thing offers is out of this world, I tossed this sucker on the wall and it stayed there till I had to yell for it to come down from the ceiling to prevent the earth's gravity to shift towards the base of the slipper. You could probably walk on water with it as well.. Why, only last week my girlfriend wondered what I was doing on the outside wall of the house, suffice to say it was pretty hard to explain that I was quite occupied with my cellphone at the time and walked right onto the wall.

Not only that, it feels like you're wearing a pair of marshmallows that the Stay Puft Marshmallow man probably ejaculated while watching Sasha Grey have a very heated debate with a vibrating carrot.

Thus I must recommend every single one of you to go out today, and get a pair of Fippers and be prepared to have your mind blown out your poo chute because this pair of flip flops is so fantastic I haven't stop running with it since last Christmas.

Comfort Level : 4 out of  5 smashed testicles
Grip : Monumental, probably kicks Jesus in the wazoo as well.
Price : I've seen cheaper flip flops, but they seem to attract cat piss and dogs love chewing them down.

On a completely unrelated note, here is a plug for my girlfriend, who inspired me to wear slippers in an appropriate way. Without her, I would have tried stapling the slipper to my forehead in an attempt to wear them.

Visit her blog Here

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