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Monday 22 April 2013

I had the liberty to be invited to WeChat's exclusive party 2013 at Neverland, right behind the Butter Factory at Jalan Kia Peng.

Upon entering, I had the opportunity to have a glass of water drop 3 feet from my feet. I guess that was punishment for wearing flip flops to a club. I actually thought it was a showcase thing.

Huge signs reminding you who paid for the party.

There's a giant camera app that prints polaroid-sized images for free at the cost having your mugshot taken and posted on their Facebook Page.

There was a small line forming behind me but that was because they thought I was lining up to have a picture taken. 

Center stage and walkway.

Dj Booth area. Is that a Mac?

I didn't remember seeing anyone using the pool table till later. I'll explain more later.

Shameless camwhoring in the club.

Tote bags. Almost every time we get these it's just filed with pamphlets and vouchers.
At least we got a pen and a lanyard.

Everyone just chillin' to the music while we waited for food to be served.

The animation for the background was funny. The silhouettes were already cheering and moving, but it looked like someone was rocking the silhouettes around just to make more movements.

Trying to join the group chat via QR. 
Earlier they said they'd randomly choose a winner from whoever joined the group chat. Later this was changed to another convention.

Cupcakes with the WeChat icon, non edible. We learnt this the hard way.

First time I ever had buffet in a club. Awesome.

The queue was long.

VP of Tencent, Poshu Yeung came on stage for a bit to rant about how we surprised him because we're not dancing around. I wasn't told it was a dance, I thought it was a socializing thing.



Kinda ran out of things to say at this point. Thanks for the party, I guess.

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