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Monday 3 December 2012

Moss goes to Batam

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Batam. Never understood why Singaporeans go there. 
So when my mom asked if I wanted to tag along for a site inspection there I jumped on the bandwagon and experienced first hand how it felt to be completely clueless about the place. From what I gathered people in Singapore go Batam for 2 reasons, first of which they get a second wife there, or just trying to bone. Secondly, young couples who'd just got together recently go there for some cheap fun, much like going to Genting or maybe Thailand, if you stayed further north up the country.

To start off, the Harbourfront jetty wasn't too shabby a place, but it is crowded. It was a bit of a mess because we're also going with another company. Sony-something or another, I don't recall. 
After about 5-10 minutes of queuing and scuttling our way into the boat, we're well on our 1 and a half hour 's boat ride, chugging at the rate of a stabbed rat.

The transit from Singapore to Batam's port was tiring. There were no drinks and food allowed on board, seats were mostly taken up, and you can't seem to move around without a dozen or so eyeballs ogling at you. Maybe it was due to the fact that both me and mum had our glasses reversed, but that's besides the point. Qian wasn't feeling too good on the ride though. Seasick probably.
Thankfully, she found a pillow and a bolster. My shoulder and arms. Woop, win-win situation right there. Except when I was really mistaken as the company's photographer that I had to run around and take shots for that company. Meh. It was just a joke, people, get it through your heads ._.

Soon after about an hour's long bus ride with our guide, Octavia, we arrive at Holiday Inn. Reception wasn't too bad, we were greeted with a glasses of juice for everyone. I especially enjoyed the I-Think-It's-Pinapple juice that I took instead of the pink drink. 

The resort itself looks alright , at least until you get into your room. But we'll talk about that later. The room looked alright, seeing that it's a 3-star resort and all.
There was this little, no, monstrous sized stain on the living room floor that probably dried blood from the previous stay, who were probably murderers. Mystery solved guys, pack up the mystery machine and let's head home.

There's plenty of  foliage everywhere. And some spots of the resort is littered with mossy ponds. Looks alright from far, looks disgusting up close. 

The pool wasn't too crowded, and it was huge enough to accommodate everyone. The restaurant/cafe however there are just enough spots, but you'd be struggling to find a seat you desire. It's either the noisy group that's speaking in foreign languages or the smoker team.

The food is palatable, but I'd appreciate if there were more meat though.

Didn't get a chance to play in the bar or the game room. They have consoles there D:
Free to play as long as you get a drink or food in there.

There's a restaurant in Holiday Inn as well. Well, there SHOULD be one seeing that it's really out of reach from civilization.

There's this little pool and a man-made sand pit at the back of the restaurant. And it's also conveniently next to the spa center that's in the resort as well. Heard it's fantabulous, and, didn't get a chance to try it out.

That's all I have to talk about for now. It's probably been too long to remember most of the things I've done there anyway. 

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