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Monday 14 October 2013

In the eyes of the beholder.

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I never thought I'd be doing the same damage I sought to avoid doing to you.
Miraculously, subconsciously I did it.
Where one would not think it was morally a wrong thing to have done, 
it was still insensitive of me.

How could I have let myself astray from what is in front of me?
The moment I look away is the moment I lose track of you,
I have to regain what I have lost, I will come back to you.

And for myself, I need to stop being such a clumsy dope and think before I leap.
It's a long way down and you don't want to hurt anyone you love while you fall.

I don't want to leave any more scars on you any more than I want to be hurt as well,
no matter who is at fault.

I look at the mirror sometimes and wonder how could I have made it so far.
I'm glad you're always there to pull me back up, 
bearing all the hurt that I've brought to you.

Damage done unto others can never be healed by simple roses and words.

I will improve, no matter how slow I am.
Stay. I'll prove my worth this time.

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