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Saturday 24 December 2011

Of anniversaries and tang yuans.

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Special mail order from my baby to my heart *dies from love overdose* 

It's like christmas came early and Santa Claus was Chuck Norris.
The box

More after the jump

The biggest present i've received to date.

More on the unboxing of this cheerful little present later. It's not time yet >:(

Then after work I was off to Nicholas' place for a spot of tangyuan for good ol' Winter Solstice.
Originally winter solstice was the longest night in China in the cold December and the chinese eat tang yuan  to keep themselves warm. 
Enough history, let's talk pictures!

Mm, my favorite ingredient and filling, nuts. That gunk to the right is, *gulp* apparently Gula Melaka(Malacca Sugar). Looks disgusting, tastes alright.

I think they made the tiny ones a little too small.

The big ones, filled with, uh, fillings, were rolled on to a batter of nuts to coat them with nutty goodness... NUTS.

All went well except we forgot we filled some of them with nuts. Cue Xzibit. Yo dawg, herd you liked nuts so we put nuts inside and out your tang yuan, so you.. (poker face)

Then we went out for Starbucks. Not before Nicholas punches me in the balls for playing with my phone a little too often. Hey, I gotta stay in touch with my baby girl, right?

The unboxing wasn't too ceremonious, but was a nice little surprise to me.
It's a mini-me!
Well, not really. but more like this :-

They say he looks like me, but I have yet gotten a suit yet. D:

All in all, it's a fantastic 1-month anniversary present. Just that I wish I could parade him everywhere. 

I think i'll plonk him at home to remind me of Qian.... of myself...? XD

Love you baby. Muacks.

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