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Wednesday 28 December 2011

BAM Villa condo, then and now.

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Have you ever revisited your own house after X amount of years since your childhood?(Applies to people living in condos and apartments)
Only after 10 years have I noticed that this place has really gone down the drain.

We seek your patient. Now we're ALL doctors.

This message just screams of management redundancy. Bad grammatical errors just piss me off sometimes.

I just noticed how much the building and the management has degraded after the years.
Sure, they've repainted the front walls and built a glass door security access pass to beef up the security. But it's a false sense of security. They've got nothing worth protecting, the building i mean.

It just doesn't feel the same anymore

The playground is repainted, but not maintained in any way you'd think is usable.
The slide is removed, because kids didn't like grazing their asses on sandpaper. 
The sand isn't even sand anymore. It's clumps of wet dirt, possibly from all the dead bodies buried inside and cat piss strewn all over the place. Grass has grown over them, and not a single fuck was given.

If you look closely, you can see no fucks here.

A standard ecosystem for children to play in. Wait, or is it cows? I forget.

I pity people living in those 2 condos having to look at the piece of crud building i'm staying at now. I wish I could feel for them, but then again, they're living in better maintained buildings than us. 

It's a towering wall of fungus and fungi. Can you name them all?

Even the windows are trying to escape.

Moss in every crevice I could see.

Is that a fucking plant I see growing on the roof?


Big bird's nest.

It's like kids painted the walls with a green coloring pencil. Nice shade of puke.

Abandoned condo lot. I haven't seen this much stuff in it the last time I came over. It used to be just empty. Now it's strewn with rubbish and bacteria-infested mattresses and cardboards.

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