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Sunday 20 November 2011

Tri-Factor Glam Night

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Tri-factor glam night, an event hosted by HELP university college,
constitutes of three important skill components which are: (a)Modeling, (b)Photography, and (c)Fashion Designing.

A poster depicting a a designer, a model and a photographer with no camera and a little handbag

Models these days always take photos in such manner, just stand there and look pissed.

At least a few of the designers smiled.

I got my entry ticket thanks to Qian Qian. <3
Don't we look great together? :3

First up, Las vegas themed show

Performances from Dina and Chique De LUXE

Moroccan Nights  Theme

Performances from Beat the system and Ning Baizura

Some kind of dual performance thing. Rock n' Roll theme

My personal favorite, the nature theme

The models and their respective designers

That's about it. I don't have anything smart to say ._.

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