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Monday 12 March 2012

Food tasting : Pick Me Up @ Kuchai Lama

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The perfect couple.... It's like beauty and the beast, except the beast is one sexy bastard.

Desserts, a meal is not complete without it, fruits, ice-cream, chocolate, cake, nuts*chuckle* you name it. 
It's a part of a meal that i always look forward to whenever i'm out and about.

This time, I'm at a little dessert shop called Pick-me-up. It's an imaginatively named shop name. 
Located strategically at a busy area in Kuchai Lama, it's bound to get popular in time.

How does this shop fare out? Continue reading.

Cozy little place.

Order counter and cashier.

The types of food here is claimed to be fusion, whatever that is.
Something like this, yeah

On a serious note, it's a mix of taiwanese, mexican and western.

First taste : Cold category

Burrito Ice-cream. One that won't give you a fartstorm.
Flavors available : Mango, Banana and Oreo
Each burrito is composed of nuts and vanilla ice-cream.
Taste-o-meter : 6/10 on the Oreo I tasted. I would've liked more nuts though.
RM 5.50 per roll

Stage 2 : Shaved Tower Ice Fortress
The traffic cone colored one is consisting of blueberry, mango and strawberry shaved ice.
Strewn at the bottom is mango slices, coconut, pearl balls and taro.
Each story is separated by a vanilla ice-cream partition.

The one at the back is grass jelly, soy milk and brown sugar. Not my cup of tea IMO. The fruity one was more of my taste.

RM12.90 for each tower of Mt. Everest.

Taiwan Iced 
Nothing extraordinary, just taiwanese shaved ice with balls.
RM 6.50

Soft Ice-cream with 3 toppings
Current selection : Mango, pearls and nata de coco

RM 5.50

Frozen Yoghurt 
RM 6.50
Also 3 selectable toppings
Current selection : Oats, Cornflakes and Strawberry sawce.

The second climax : Snacks

Spicy chicken Quesadilla
Too expensive for eats on this one. Thin slices of what i think tastes like Roti Prata. Sandwedged between is some minced meat.

RM 8.50 if you think it's worth a bite.


I think they're trying too hard with the presentation on this one.
Cheesy fries (RM 5.50) and
Chili Fries (RM 8.00)
They say the fries are not bathing in an ecstasy of sauce is because the fries might get soggy from the sauce. But that's what fries are supposed to be when overly soaked in sauce. And that's why we eat them immediately rather than let them soak. It's "Dig in everyone, it's epic fry time!" not "Alright gents, we should discuss the on the mechanics of quantum physics for at least 30 minutes before we take a gander at our banquet of diced potatoes."
Nachos with cheese.
Same reason with above, I need more sauce, put it in a bowl and then we'll talk business :3
RM 4.50

Nutella toasted bread

They have nutella served on toasted bread, how much more can you ask?
The downside is, you get to choose the SECOND flavor for the second slice of bread.
Peanut butter, blueberry or strawberries.
RM 5.50 and RM 1.00 for the Ice-cream add-on
Of course, you can still insist on DOUBLE NUTELLA TOAST.

Foreplay : Drinks

Grass Jelly Milk tea and
Pearl Milk Tea
both at RM 4.50

My verdict : Not bad for a burgeoning little dessert shop.
My overall score : 7/10

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