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Tuesday 18 October 2011

Satu hati satu jiwa

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On 9th October I went on a little kite flying trip with Qian Qian at Taman Metropolitan Kepong. It was a preplanned trip that we wanted to try flying a kite. I tried flying a kite when I was a kid but apparently I haven't grasped much of the concept before it got stuck on a satellite tv receiver. I tried to fly a kite in a condominium.

The decided venue was Taman Metropolitan Kepong. I heard there was also another kiting area at Desa Parkcity as well. But that's for our next little date ;)

You know when bunnies are staring at you, shit's goin' DOWN.
We bought our little kite at Wind Dancer, which was situated on the 3rd floor of Bangsar Shopping Complex. Kites range from 70++ to 100+, depending on what you're looking for. We bought a Dolphin kite,why? because f**k you, dolphins are awesome. (XD)

"Dolphins can FLY?"
The day was perfect for kiting(Credits to Qian for shot)
They sell kites there as well, but it looks too bland and simple. They cost about RM15 for each kite with strings(they're sold separately as well)

Kite shield. On medieval swordsmen : awesome ; on me : gay.
We arrived at 5:45PM, a little later than what we had planned. Served me right for rolling in bed for so long. Traffic from MRR2 up to Taman Metropolitan was slightly slow, but bearable. We double parked at  the fork of the junction where it turns into the park.

Pictures will now be dumped by the truckload.

Perfect impersonation of someone riding the LRT

Why so hilarious?


Levitation done right.

100Yen shop shaved ice strawberry. Need I say more?

Qian sending her brother Nick off to Perak :<

All in all, it was a very enjoyable trip flying kite, with the exception of getting your strings tangled with other people's kite. Tip : go on a weekday. Should be less traffic(air and land)

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