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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Livin' it up in Krabi (Day 1)

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Gentlemen, I have started blogging again. I’ve wondered why anything I write would matter to anyone at all. But screw you, I don’t live for anyone, so LOOK AT MY VACATION PHOTOS.

I plopped myself to Krabi on the 5th of Sept. Buying air ticket 2 days before got me there at RM 5xx (Return flight tickets bought at AirAsia online)

Arrived at the airport and I managed to miss the tour guide who was supposed to pick me up, the last guy from flight AK804. I wandered aimlessly around till I noticed the little sign she was holding up had my name scrawled at the bottom of her little picket sign. All is good, I hop in and get dropped off at the fish/marine sanctuary where we look at food in it’s most raw form, ALIVE.


Yeah, stay tuned for the fish feeding show. Because we’ve never seen how fishes eat. I heard they eat souls of little children.


Here we’re seen sampling the fish food. Yummy.


Secret nuclear bunker found. Do you spot it as well?


Damn, I’m good.


I’ve always wondered why lobsters curl up their arse in such a way.


“Holy shit what the fuck is this?” - The 28 year-old man said before he was devoured whole


Gummy worms don’t look the same anymore.


The great wall of china at a distance.


One hell of a sexy grouper.


Aww <3


So you want a piece of me? 1,000 THB per 500gm.


We only noticed the fish after we shot it.

BAM, hotel pictures. Got the triple sharing room, which, essentially is just a twin bed with an additional teeny bed. Guess who’s sleeping on that?


Note: Laptop not included


Hey, I’m home!


Took a picture of the pool while I was drunk


A badly focused leisure dive


The water was electrocuted.


Sunset view from the balcony.

We had dinner at the Kruathara (aptly named After Tsunami in Thai). Fairly priced seafood restaurant. Epic win. Tuk tuk costs about 100 baht (6 pax) and travel time there is about 4 minutes.


Uh, I forget what this was. A plate of diced unicorns, I guess.


Pineapple fried rice. Has nuts and flies. Or raisins, I forget.


A flaming Tom Yum. We also had some vegetable dish called Som Tum, which was some spicy salad dish. Awesome, since I wasn’t much of a salad eater.

That kind of concludes my first day at Krabi this trip. Stay tuned for more junk.

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